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Adventure on Ice

Ice skating is something that takes a lot of prep and work.  I first have to go to the bank and get singles because the kids like to use the vending machine to buy “healthy” snacks – like cheetos and chocolate.  But before we get to do that there is the tying of about a million pairs of ice skates.  Then there’s the complaining about the shoes not fitting right or being too tight or being too ice skatey.  But once everyone settles in and gets on the ice, it is a LOT of fun for everyone – especially when volunteer dads get in on the action.  A big thank you for Kaylee’s dad for volunteering today!!! 

Bowling & The Movies

We took the children to watch a movie and then went bowling to finish off the field trip!  It was  LOT of work but it was also a LOT of fun for our kids!  Special thanks to Alyssa’s Mom for chaperoning and the extra help!

Dodgers Stadium

We reserved a private tour of Dodgers’ Stadium for our last field trip!  It was an amazing behind the scenes of the stadium with special access to so many cool places!  And a very special thanks to Katelyn’s mom for providing lunch for all the kids and for Ian & Jayden’s mom for providing all the drinks!!!

Dodgers’ Stadium

Our tour guide explaining how the stadium sits on top of the hill.

From the Top Deck

Private Press Box

About $8,000 for this luxury box for one game.  Yup.  One Game.

$8,000 seats!  Not really, but these special leather seats are located right outside the luxury vip rooms.

This is the hallway that the baseball players use to enter their locker rooms.

The Dodgers’ Players walk left… the visiting team walks right.

They were working on the grass as they were having a game later that day, so they asked us to stay off the green.

Future Dodger Pitcher?

The dugout!!!

Game Time!

For this week’s activity during our summer, we decided to have a few games for the kids.  It was so fun even just to watch them play!



For this week’s activity, we had a carnival!  It was a LOT of fun for the kids and a LOT of work from us.  This activity was only able to be achieved by the time, money, and contributions by our after school parents and a few family friends as well!  Thank you so much everyone!


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